We’re live!

Showboatr, our free video challenge app, is now available for download on iTunes, we’re excited to hear what you think and see what you can do!

The Showboatr app is filled with over 100 physical challenges across a random range of skills and difficulties, like coordination, dexterity, bravery, balance, the ability to draw, tell a joke, jump really high…you get the idea.  Users can record themselves attempting Showboatr challenges and upload them to share with the world, challenge others to attempt (seemingly) impossible feats, or just kick back back and watch some entertaining video.  Showboatr challenges can be tough and require skill, but they also show off your patience, talent and creativity. 

With the Showboatr, you can:

Amaze others

Showboatr challenges are designed to show off your skills.  The difficultly levels range (and the skills involved are all over the map), but the key is to practice, be creative and have fun with it.  Once your video is posted to Showboatr, you and other viewers can share the videos on Facebook & Twitter.

Challenge friends

Think your buddy has a big mouth?  Challenge them to the “Big Mouth” challenge to fit the base of a 12 oz can into his mouth.   Challenges can be made both publicly and privately, via facebook or email.

Nailed it?  Failed it?

Cheers to Showboatrs with skills and creativity. At the end of every video, you can vote whether the Showboatr nailed the challenge, or failed it.  But if they failed it in style, should they get some love? You decide.  

Track progress, earn respect

Challenges are organized into collections, and in the “Status” tab, you can track your progress as you shoot to complete a collection.  But completing challenges isn’t the only way to earn status in Showboatr.  The quality of your video submissions counts, because fellow Showboatrs have the ultimate say in your status.  Your status is determined by how many people think you “nailed” a challenge.  

Watch, and judge

If you’re not into sharing your Showboatr challenges with the world, that’s ok.  Showboatr has a great set of mobile hero videos that are legit, and under 15 seconds, making great mobile viewing.  So enjoy, judge and share your favorite Showboatr videos.



Here it is, our Showboatr promo video.  No special effects, all real tricks and skills from our talented beta testers. Share it with your friends and share the word!

Three things we learned when making a promo video…

Showboatr shoots are anything but ordinary and predictable.  Here’s some odd lessons we learned while filming…

Lesson #1: If Shea directs, his shirt will come off


Lesson #2: Quadruple the banana budget



Lesson #3: Guys, you may think you got the red cup challenges cornered, you’re wrong. The ladies killed it. Killed it.

Check back in a few days to see the results of our promo video shoot. So….close….

Exhausted, but not delusional

We’re sleep deprived and in crazed development mode, trying to pull together everything it’s going to take for us to launch Showboatr in a few short weeks.  We started this process about 9 months ago, but we’re still cranking and here’s why:

  • The crazy fun we’re having with our friends and the strange people we met along the way
  • How people seem to love what we’re up to.  New users, friends, and even people we meet on the street are as entertained by Showboatr as we would have hoped. From the lawyer we met who impressed us with her juggling, to the walk-by who joined our promo video shoot with excellent neck/hula hoop skills.  And a big shout out to the teller at the local bank who not only provided excellent customer service, but also brought his buddies into our beta program. 

With all these good vibes, we feel like we’re on to something.  We will keep you updated on our progress, and if you’re interested/willing to help us in our beta testing, please shoot us an email: contact (at) showboatr.com